The city of Osh…

4 Feb

The city of Oshawa has already established a status over the years as a blue collar that GM called home. The ‘Shwa’ they named it and not always affectionately, but this city of over 140,000 inhabitants and house of the Oshawa Generals continues to be changing for numerous years now and potential home owners are starting to see why real estate here is an excellent financial commitment. Oshawa offers incredible growth and great home value! In 2007 Oshawa even won a gold medal from the International Awards for many Livable Communities putting Oshawa real-estate into the spotlight at a global scale.

In several aspects of Oshawa, growth, in residential, commercial and public Oshawa real-estate is seen. 1000s of houses are being constructed all over the city, particularly in the north end or “New Oshawa” as some call real estate in that area. Burgeoning downtown features many new restaurants, a brand new 450,000 square foot court room, the GM Centre, and various faculties of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. It’s easy to see why people are starting to see the city and are, more than ever, calling it home especially because of the public works projects and the announced growth of the 407.

Value is even easier to see when comparing the costs of Oshawa real estate to Toronto homes and even other parts of the Durham Region with average sale prices under $250,000 with many homes in good areas available for less. Real estate is all about location as always! This won’t translate into run-down shacks, but real value for houses not much further from downtown Toronto than residential real estate in Brampton.

Oshawa really is a city around the upswing. What have caught the eye of property investors in the region as well as first time home buyers weighing the main difference with what they could afford in Toronto compared to Oshawa would be the booming downtown, new job opportunities, room for real estate expansion, new schools being built, a high quality lifestyle and a commutable distance to Toronto. The city that lead the region in growth for quite a while is the Oshawa.


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